Pep Talk by S Pradeep Kumar | HBB

Become as Popular as you can, struggle hard to get more likes/reacts, shares, comments, and retweets for your posts. 🙂

At one point in your life, your popularity can save someone, spread awareness, or end up as a profession.

Become an influencer, and make a change in your society. ✌️

If what you ate can reach 1000s, then at least what you teach can reach 100s. That’s a good start. _/\_

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Here’s my take on the movie ‘Little Manhattan’ | Santhosh DR

Little Manhattan is a cute, playful, romantic and comical description of first love experienced through the lens of a fifth-grader. Weird emotions—arising in relationships—are captured with an innocent charm.

First love never comes for the second time; well technically yes. Gab’s take on love tosses between two events: parent’s separation and the butterfly sensation with Rosemary.

Lesson learnt: If you keep things unsaid in a relationship, there comes a time when there is nothing to say. So, take out everything what you’ve got in your storage box for the mental relief.

Has anyone seen this movie?

Things Changed Dramatically | Santhosh DR

They said LinkedIn is a dead network – But LinkedIn resurrected. 💯

They said Twitter is spam platform – But brands still make sales through Twitter. 💯

They said Snapchat marketing is the future – Instagram CRUSHED Snapchat.

They said Instagram can never be used for generating website traffic – Instagram sends the most qualified traffic. 💯