Hanuman vs Bheema | Santhosh DR

Hanuman lifted a Mountain not to prove that he is Powerful but to save Life of Lakshmana.

Bheema is as strong as 1000 elephants but failed to lift Hanuman’s tail because he wanted to prove that he is the Powerful.

Throw away Ahankar! Bow down to Shankar!


Amazon Prime Original Shows India | Santhosh DR

🔷 Amazon Prime Video to launch 17 Original Shows in India by the end of 2019. 10 will be premiered in 2018.

1. Inside Edge
2. Breathe
3. Remix
4. Comicstan
5. Bodhidharma: Master of Shaolin
6. The Ministry
7. Powerful
8. Mirzapur
9. Stardust
10. The Family Man
11. Vishpuri
12. Made in Heaven

Rest of the shows are yet to be named.

Netflix’s TrollHunters | Santhosh DR

Guillermo del Toro is often considered as a visual specialist for creating a unique world in his live action movies. Del Toro managed to bring this animation to life in a most colorful way possible. They made it worth to invest time in watching this witty and mystery show.

Eagerly waiting for the spin-off shows.

Highly Recommended. Madly Entertaining and Engaging 💚

Netflix’s Sacred Games | Santhosh DR

In the hopes to garner the audience, the streaming platform forayed into making Original content for India. Sacred Games is one such instant in the long list of Original shows. The premise was somewhat similar but the screenplay, dialogues and the cast did an attractive job to keep it engaging. Music gave a nice touch to the intense scenes. The story revolves around an Inspector in the Mumbai Police Force and an Underworld Don. This 8 episode shows how it unfolds and the characteristics present in both world. Interesting thing was depicting India’s Elite Intelligence Agency, RAW.

Highly Recommended. Uncompromising performances and intriguing screenplay🔥

19 Common Traits of Negative People

Remaining positive in a tough situation can be difficult, but the outlook you choose to have can affect every aspect of your life. Positive and negative people have very different attitudes, thoughts and ways of dealing with their circumstances.

To keep negative energy out of your life, be on the lookout for these common traits of negative people:

1. Pessimism – Negative people always see the glass as half empty. They focus on the downside to every future decision in life not only for themselves but also for others.

2. Doubt – Negative people are filled with doubts that hold them back from achieving anything worthwhile in life.

3. Fear – Negative people are afraid to take risks, fear change, fear people, fear new opportunities, fear marriage, etc.

4. Constant Worry – Negative people are constantly stressed. They worry about every possible negative outcome.

5. Gossip – Negative people incessantly gossip about others and never in a good way.

6. Deceit – Negative people are deceitful. They seek to separate you from your money, possessions, and relationships.

7. Uncontrolled Anger – Negative people get angry quickly and often.

8. Complaining – Negative people complain about everything, everybody, and life in general.

9. Criticism – Negative people are constantly criticizing everything about themselves, the government, the economy, their bosses or supervisors, other workers, their spouse, friends, family, etc.

10. Envy – Negative people envy what others have. They are not grateful for what they have. They are jealous and bitter about the lives of others.

11. Condemnation – Negative people condemn, put down and belittle others.

12. Selfishness – Negative people put themselves first and everyone else last.

13. Cheap – Because negative people see the world through the lens of scarcity and not abundance, they hold on to their money and possessions. They are not charitable-minded or generous.

14. Blame – Negative people blame their problems on others. They do not take individual responsibility for their lives. They see themselves as victims.

15. Unapologetic – Negative people never apologize for any actions that hurt others.

16. Avoid Criticism – Negative people do not like to be criticized by others. They will go out of their way to avoid seeking feedback.

17. Know-It-Alls – Negative people are know-it-alls. They come off as conceited and egotistical. They think they are always right.

18. Lack of Compassion – Negative people lack compassion for others.

19. Avoid Change – Negative people avoid change. They stay within their comfort zones and never grow as individuals.